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How do I apply for my licensure?
How do I apply for my licensure?

What you need to know to become a licensed professional in your state and profession!

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License applications are based on your state and profession. For example, a nurse's licensure process is different from a pharmacists, and a nurse in California will also have a different licensure process than a nurse in Florida. ย 

Speaking of Florida, we happen to know that you can look up healthcare-related licensure requirements for Florida at Just click on your profession!ย 

If you aren't in Florida or in healthcare, don't stress; we know how you can find your license requirements too. Simply go to Google and search โ€œ(your profession) license application by endorsement in ( your state)." For example: Registered Nurse license application by endorsement in California. You can also ask whichever state board you would be working with, and they should have that information for you too!

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