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Invite Users and Assign Roles
Invite Users and Assign Roles

Choose from administrator or course editor roles for users within your organization.

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With your Table Mesa Business account you can assign separate user roles for individuals who work with your organization. Here are the details on those roles:

  1. Administrator- this user has the ability to add/edit courses, change public profile details, edit others user roles, and add or remove users. 

  2. Course editor- this user has the ability to add edit courses/ and manage their own details like name, password, and email. They do not have access to the business settings

Add New Users

To get started, you'll want to get your users added into your Table Mesa account. The two user roles are added in the same way. Once you are logged in, click the profile icon in the upper righthand corner and select 'Users'. 

This page will be where you will manage, edit, add and delete users within your organization. To add a new user, simply click the green ' + ' and you'll be able to add a new user from there on the form that appears. 

Note: this is where you will assign user roles. If a user has restricted access, be sure to mark them as a 'Course Editor'. 

Be sure to pass along the password you set to this new user. If either of you forgets, no worries! A reset password can be sent to their email address as well. 

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