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Manage your Members

Invite your members and give them access to your courses.

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Once you have you courses uploaded to your Table Mesa account, you'll want to get your members invited so they can access your courses. After you have added them, you'll be able to view their details, course progression, and even delete them if needed. 

Adding New Members

Option 1: Bulk Upload your Members

To prepare for this bulk upload, you'll want to make sure you have the user emails you will be adding in a single column spreadsheet. Be sure to save this sheet as a CSV (comma-separated values) to a fluid upload process. 

Once you have done that, log in to your Table Mesa account and select 'Members' from the menu. Click the green ' + ' and select the 'Bulk Upload' option. Simply select the file you would like to upload and your members will be sent an invite to join Table Mesa to access your courses.

Option 2: Individually Add Members

Only have a few members to add at the moment? Follow the same steps above except when you get to the green ' + ' , select 'Invite Members' . From there you will want to type in the email address of your users and press enter before adding a new one. From there, just click 'Invite' and they'll be able to join from there.

Deleting your members

If you ever need to delete one of your members, the process is simply and only take a moment. To do so, go to your 'Members' tab and click on the 3 dot menu association with the user you would like to delete. Select 'remove' and this individual will no longer have access to your courses.

If this member has not yet created an account with Table Mesa, you will have the ability to rescind the invitation rather than delete them. You will follow the same steps as above but in stead you will select 'Cancel Invite'.

View Member Details

Within your account, you will also have the ability to view details about your members such as the licenses they've added to their accounts as well as their progress in any courses they are taking on Table Mesa. 

To view these details, go to the 'Members' tab and click on the name of the member you would like more information on. You will be able to see all data on their licenses, professions, and courses.

Is a Member Missing an Invite? 

Not a problem, we can still get the up and rolling. You could do this by resending the invitation from the members section and clicking on the 3 dot menu next to their name and selecting 'Resend Invite'. 

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