Add a content page

Your course needs some content before it can be published. To add content, click ‘Add new’ on the bottom left and select ‘Page’. Add your title and you’re all set to start adding text and media content.

You can format your text within these pages. Simply highlight the portion you’d like to format and the style bar will show. You can select the following options for your text:

  • Bold

  • Italics

  • Underlined

  • Hyperlink

  • Header style 1

  • Header style 2

  • Subscript

  • Superscript

From the style bar you can also add numbered or bulleted lists. Highlight the list you would like to add bullets or numbers to and select that option in the style bar.

Add a test

Each course requires at least one test. To add yours, click the ‘Add new’ button on the bottom left and select ‘Test’. From there, input your questions and respective answers. To mark the correct answer, click the bubble correlating to the correct answer.

Add a quiz

Quizzes are ungraded and are not required within your course. However, they are great progress checks for your students. Add your questions and answers as well as a custom response message for correct and incorrect answers.

Add a survey

Adding a survey to your course is not required but is a great way to gather feedback from your licensees. To add one to your course, click ‘Add new’ on the bottom left and select ‘Survey’. From there, add single choice or short answer questions.

Add media

Avoid a text heavy course by adding audio clips, videos, and images. To do so, simply press ‘enter’ or ‘return’ on your keyboard and click the plus sign that appears on the next line.

From there, you can upload audio clips, videos, or images and embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo. To upload, select the type of media you will be adding and select the file you’d like in your course. To embed a video, click the second icon from the left and paste your video URL. Click enter and you video will be now be viewable in your course. 

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