Creating and distributing coupons can be a great way to entice licensees to take your courses. Table Mesa's coupons allow for you to set a dollar amount discount that you can apply to one, multiple or all of your courses. 

Just one reminder: licensees can only use one coupon per transaction. 

Step 1: To create your first coupon, log into your Table Mesa Educator account here

Step 2: Select the 'Transactions' tab on the top of your dashboard. 

Step 3: Click into the 'Coupons' tab. To add your first coupon, simply click 'Create your first coupon' and fill in all of the required fields. You will want to be sure to assign them to the courses you would like it applicable to. Also, set an expiration date if you only want to run the discount for a certain amount of time.

If this isn't your first coupon, you can simply click the green plus icon in the upper right hand corner. This will then prompt you through all of the required steps to add another coupon. 

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