Setting up CE Broker integration can really help you and your licensees with the renewal process. However, it takes both you and your licensees doing your parts to make this happen.

To see if you are eligible for or to set up CE Broker integration, click the button here.

To check on whether your licensees are doing their part, and the status of their course reporting, you can check your roster using these steps:

Step 1:

Log in to your account.

Step 2:

Click on "Students" in the upper right of your page.

Step 3:

 If you've already set-up your CE Broker integration, you will see a column "CEB Status" all the way to the right on your roster list. This column will not exist if you aren't integrated with CE Broker. Use it to know the status of your licensee's course results and reporting.

What do the status symbols means?

In the image above you can see four different symbols. We've broken down the definitions of each for you below:


This means that the license number is missing on the roster, or that CE Broker doesn't currently offer auto-reporting for that profession or state. In the first case, you may need to manually report. In the second case, the licensee would need to manually report to the appropriate board.


This means that an internal server error was returned from CE Broker. This could mean that the profession is tracked by CE Broker, but the license number the student provided is not entirely correct. For example: 

  • The wrong license number was used, 
  • The licensee didn't include the letter prefix for their profession
  • There is space or dash in the license number, etc. 

If the license number is not correct, be prepared to manually report their course, if need be.

This means that the profession is not valid, or is not currently tracked by CE Broker. If the profession/state is not tracked by CE Broker, no further action is needed, and the licensee will have to manually report their course to their appropriate state board.


This means that the course was reported automatically with no errors.

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