We offer two different levels of promotion, one that is free and included with every account, and an enhanced level that comes at a higher profit split (50/50, or as determined under unique circumstances).

Utilizing our standard services

Our standard course promotion is built into our platform and requires that you provide relevant information when creating your courses, specifically "tags" for your courses related to the professions and specialities that your content appeals to. Including these will allow anyone to search through our general course list, and when someone searches the keywords that your course's tags include, your course comes up at the top of that list.

We also promote our general course list constantly through any number of channels online, including social media and paid advertisement. If you are tagging your courses and using relevant key words, our standard marketing of Table Mesa will lead you to course sales.

Utilizing our Table Mesa Marketing Service

If you have a specific course you really want to promote, or you just want to boost your sales as much as you can, then your best option is to use our enhanced marketing services. It may come at a higher split of profits, but we have proven results, with some of our top user of the marketing service making $5000 or more a month after the split.

Our marketing service includes course or provider-specific advertisements to draw direct attention. These are not only hosted in our social media, but also through search engine ads, custom promotions on major continuing education organization sites (like CE Broker), and promoted courses on our site. 

In addition, those utilizing our marketing services are mentioned whenever possible on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, where we actively engage students daily, and in our biweekly newsletter, where we actively engage providers. This could mean distributing coupon codes, using the testimonials and reviews of your courses in our general advertisement, and using you as an example when we are referring to our "most active providers" on the platform.
Below are some quick examples of the types of course promotion that we can do for you. 

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