Continuing education costs licensees time and money, and they want to get it over quickly and without breaking the bank. One way you can help them do this and increase the odds of them taking your courses is by offering coupons.

At Table Mesa, coupons are tethered to one or more courses, and offer a flat dollar amount off the course price. You can have as many coupons available as you want, and multiple for the same. Just remember that licensees can only use a coupon once!

Setting up a coupon:

Step 1:

Log in to your account

Step 2:

Click on the Financials tab in the top right of your dashboard. Financials will immediately take you to your invoices page, where you will see all your previous payouts in the future. 

Step 3:

Next to the "Invoices" tab, you will see that there are two other options to choose from. You will want to go to the "Coupons" tab. If you have not made a coupon yet, your page will like the one below. To start the process, just click the "Create Coupon" button.

Step 4:

A pop-up should immediately cover your screen, asking you to provide the information for your coupon. 

  • The Coupon Code is what licensees will type in when paying for a course to activate their savings. Make it simple and fun.
  • The Discount Amount is a flat dollar amount, with no cents. It is already knows that whatever you type in is currency, so just use a number, like the image below.
  • The Expiration Date is something you can choose to utilize if you want your coupon to be for a limited time. You can also leave it blank and the coupon will remain active for as long as you have it live.

Step 5:

Once you have finished filling in the details, hit the "Add Coupon" button and you will be taken back to the "Coupons" page, where you will see all the coupons you have made.

Step 6:

Now choose which courses that coupon can apply to. You do this by clicking the checkbox next to courses for that coupon. Remember that multiple coupons can relate to the same course, but (A) licensees can only use one coupon per course, and (B) each coupon can only be used once by a licensee.

How licensees use your coupons:

When a licensee takes a course that has a price, they will have to input their payment information. It does not matter whether the licensee has to pay for the course up-front or after completing the course; the "Confirm Purchase" pop-up is the same.

On the pop-up, along with all the other payment details, is a space for a "Coupon code." Licensees will need to type the exact coupon code name you made for it to work. Then they hit "APPLY."

This will not only show a different image instead of the course card, but will show a strikethrough of the normal price, and show the new price in green. 

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