IMPORTANT: We are phasing out paper checks and going green with all-electronic payouts to providers

As a provider with Table Mesa, our standard payment system that we encourage all providers to utilize is direct deposit, which you can learn to set up here.

If you would prefer checks over electronic payment, you will need to contact your account rep and let them know, and will then need to make sure to include you address in your provider profile and keep it up-to-date. This will help us avoid situations where checks are delayed or lost!

Update your address:

Step 1:

To update your address, (A) log in to your account, (B) click on your picture in the upper right, and (C) click on "Profile."

Step 2:

Then scroll down until you see your "Account" info. This is where you will type in your address. You're all done!

View your previous payouts

If you want to see every monthly payment you've received from us previously, a record of all invoices, check or electronic, is available from Financials in the upper right.

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