The Table Mesa course builder gives you the power to do almost anything you want with your courses, but online courses may be completely new to you. So, to help you make the most of both the fact that your courses are online and they are on Table Mesa, we made a list of our top recommendations when making a course!

Prepping to build your course!

  • Think about your course objectives before you build your course, and include them in your course settings.
  • Keep your course outline short and sweet! The details will be in your course.
  • Include all of the valid "Professions" the course relates to, but make sure to include those that can complete a requirement with the course.
  • Include all applicable course subject areas (i.e. Board-approved Nursing CE, Florida board-approved medical errors).
  • Check the “Require License of Certification Number” box to make reporting credits way easier.
  • If you have CE Broker integration, include CE Broker course number (learn more here).

Making your course cover image!

  • Avoid clip art at all costs! Our support team can help recommend ideas or simple solutions that will be far more effective.
  • If you are using a picture, make sure it is captivating and attention grabbing, but not super complex. The image is not very big, so it needs to draw attention but not confuse.
  • Using your course title, a phrase related to the course, or a picture that describes course tend to be the most effective cover images! 

Building your course!

  • The more media you use, the better!
  • Avoid dropping in PowerPoint slides or photocopies of printed material as your entire course material. You will get way better reviews from cutting and pasting the same content than just including the images.
  • Try to integrate videos, because they have the BEST results and engagement (learn more here)
  • Use large text for your course title, headers, and sub-headers. This will help licensees better know where certain topics start and stop, gibing them a better way to study for their tests!
  • Keep you paragraphs short (no more than 5 lines).
  • Left-align text your text for easy reading. You can center titles and such, but it can make regular content harder to follow.
  • Consolidate similar topics on one page to reduce the total page amount.
  • If you have a lot of content, break it up over multiple pages and with media. Include quizzes between sections. Add images to break up the text. Introduce graphics that visually show what is being read.
  • DON’T paste entire course to one page, especially in package courses!

Including media in your courses!

  • Avoid clip art at all costs! Our support team can help recommend ideas or simple solutions that will be far more effective.
  • Include colorful illustrations and high-quality photos.
  • If you can say something visually instead of with text, DO IT! The human brain consumes visual information 10x faster than text, and we retain visual content much more than written.
  • If you are using graphs, make sure the content in them is large enough to read.
  • Do not use low-quality audio or video files. If the content is hard to understand or low quality, it can negatively impact a licensee's ability to learn the material.
  • Images must be less than 1 MB.
  • Video must be less than 10 MB.
  • DOUBLE CHECK YOUR VIDEO AND WEB LINKS! If your links are not valid or go to the wrong place, you are not helping licensee's learn! 

Designing your certificates!

  • Make sure to list all of the appropriate approvals!
  • Include your provider logo and signature. Without these, the certificate can be considered invalid by some boards.
  • Always include the licensee’s license number. Credit for a course cannot be confirmed unless the license number is valid.
  • If applicable, list your provider number and course number (i.e. CE Broker Provider #50-10000)
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